The OHMazing® Way with Beth Reese, PhD

Sourcing the Source: A Conversation with Beth's Daughter, Jordan

Episode Summary

Meet Beth’s oldest daughter over a decade after hurling chairs in the airport at Beth and the sensory-processing diagnosis. Now an award-winning filmmaker studying television and film at UCLA, her daughter shares her journey from before she had mindfulness tools to how she uses breathing and self-regulation in college and beyond! Connect with Beth Email: Cell: +1 361 563 7448 Facebook: personal: Facebook: Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®: Instagram: yoginosyogaforyouth: Twitter: @yoginos: LinkedIn: Beth Reese, PhD

Episode Notes

Imagine feeling like moments of your life are like a movie where you don’t even have the control of the director. Dr. Beth Reese’s daughter, Jordan, relates that for her having sensory processing disorder sometimes feels like there’s a disconnect between what she’s doing and what her brain processes. She also describes that practical, self-regulation tools she uses manage her mind and actions, including Flower Power breath and imagining she presses pause on that movie scene. Jordan uses these mindfulness and yoga off the mat skills to empower her to make choices in her life aligned with who she says she is, not just moment-to-moment reactions.

“I think it’s really important to just breathe sometimes,” says Jordan. “Just that one thing can really change your whole life.”

Using breath to curate your best self are skills that Beth teaches in her weekend courses and trainings at schools. In their recent podcast, Sourcing the Source: A Conversation with Beth's Daughter, Beth sharing several breathing and postures as tools along with anecdotes illustrating how they have literally transformed lives of herself, her son Cole while playing baseball, her daughter on a school field trip, a high school student and principal, and more. These practical techniques include:

Remember that a key to creating success with these tools is to explore the Winner’s Circle. Beth loves to talk about Houston Rockets player, James Harden, who often shoots over 60 points a game as a result, in part, of the number of 3-point shots he makes. To do that he had to learn, practice, and be in the game. Consider that athletes all use these 3 steps to enter the Winner’s Circle: